Short and sweet

Some of the writers in our care delight in using long phrases for no clear reason; JD and I take equal delight in cutting them back. Here are some recent examples:
  • An increase in overall vehicle length would enable significant volume carrying capacity to be achieved (= longer trucks have more room)
  • Larger in size (= bigger)
  • In a much shorter time frame (= sooner)
... and here's a spelling mistale that brings a gloriously surreal image to mind: "The lights are controlled by the steering column storks."


Anonymous said...

Well, now that they're not delivering babies anymore, storks had to find SOMETHING to do.

What should the word have been? I'm blanking out.

Apus said...

Stalks, tootsync (at least that's what our writers call them) – the long switches that stick out either side of the steering column to control the indicators and suchlike.

Anonymous said...

though these aren't my phrases, the reason is generaly to up the word count - Dylan