Lovestruck by an emu

Free London paper thelondonpaper runs a regular column called 'Lovestruck', in which readers can write in with a short message declaring their interest in a stranger or near-stranger they've seen on a bus/met on the tube/drooled over while drunk.

As you can imagine, many of the messages reek of desperation and yesterday's column contained a particularly fine example:

To Alison, the long-legged emu-like girl I met in the Hampstead lido. You're gorgeous. Glass of wine? ANON.

I really hope there is more of a story behind this one, because I think calling any girl 'emu-like' is likely to backfire. No wonder Anon didn't manage to get her number when he met her in the lido (although to be fair, not many people keep a pen and paper or even a mobile phone inside their trunks...)

See Lovestruck online...

What a tasty bird


Anonymous said...

Own up, you're only reading it in the first place to see if anyone fancies you.

not incoherent said...

I had planned to make a comment about the whole emu-like "compliment" but I think Gareth wins this thread. Well done!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Very funny, but I'm actually only reading Lovestruck to make sure they're publishing all my messages.

Anonymous said...

JD are you sure you should be admitting to that??!

Can there really be people that get together through Lovestruck?

'To the dark haired girl travelling on the Northern line at 6pm last friday, fancy a drink?'

Well i'm sure the dark haired girl knows who she is, and about 100 other dark haired girls that were on the Northern line then too!