Just for fun

Many of our blogs rely on the shortcoming of the writers in our care but JD and I are also blessed with some competent wordsmiths, one of whom takes delight in inserting phrases that might not be lucid, but make us smile. F'rinstance:

"It must seek out a partner that can operate in a manner empathetic to the Swedish manufacturer's verticalised predilections."

"You'd expect a truck manufacturer to capture visual harmony across its range but getting analogous driving characteristics is surely a step too far."

"Anyone want raspberries with their bowl of cognitive dissonance?"

Yes, I know... we should be stamping out this kind of playful language in a hard-nosed business magazine, but it's good to see a writer having fun.


Gez said...

Guardian ambitions, anyone?

Gez said...

On second thoughts there isn't enough swearing for a theguardian writer.