Other engine rooms, other gremlins

One of our cherished freelancers spotted the following headlines on holdthefrontpage.co.uk:

  • Arranging the death of a loved one isn't easy
  • 12 die in 30 minutes as car bombers target Shite area
  • Child sex field at family fun event
  • Shoreham wind turbine talks

and, every sub's nightmare:

  • Think of a headline
    56pt bold headline

Not to be left out, I must own up to a memorable typo at the end of a motor show preview some years ago: "See next week for a dull report". Yes, 'd' is right next to 'f' on the keyboard and spellcheckers, as we all know to our cost, don't pick up typos that make real words – but did that get me of the hook? Of course not.


JD (The Engine Room) said...

Ah, I actually blogged about the first of these headlines back in July:


JD (The Engine Room) said...

Oh that's rubbish, the comment section of Blogger doesn't automatically break/wrap long words. Anyone know how to fix this?