Etymologic: etymology quiz

One of the Engine Room regulars emailed in a while back to suggest that we should start featuring occasional quiz questions on the blog, for example giving an obscure word and a choice of four possible definitions for that word. Readers of the blog - that's you - would have to pick the correct definition.

Not a bad idea, I thought, and I filed it under 'stuff I'd like to do on the blog when I get round to it'. But then I came across Etymologic, which is a great online multiple-choice word game. As you can imagine, the focus is on the etymology (origins) of words as much as their meanings, but I recommend you give it a go.

In my last attempt, I managed a paltry six out of 10 - the etymology of 'jerky' (as in beef jerky) and the meaning of 'pilgarlic' were two of the questions that threw me... Let me know how you get on.

Etymologic: the toughest etymology game on the web


Gloom Raider said...

I've played three times so far and scored a 9/10 once and a 7/10 twice. Since I always worry about word origins turning out to be urban legends, though, it's hard to tell where I'm going wrong.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Ooh that's pretty good – just tried it again and scored a 7.

For anyone that hasn't spotted it, Etymologic does give you the correct answer should you get a question wrong - towards the top of the screen, just above your current score.

Apus said...

Just matched JD's 7... but that included one or two (OK three) lucky guesses. Good game, innit?