Morrinov, Morritini and Vodkat

I am amused that the supermarket Morrisons' own-brand vodka is called 'Morrinov'. I also hear an unconfirmed rumour that its vermouth is called 'Morritini'.

Still, either has to be better than the bottles of 22% 'Vodkat' (pictured) which you can buy in Asda and other cheap places; there's a good reason the Harrogate-based manufacturer can't use the word 'vodka'.

And trawling through the web to find out a bit more about horrible drinks I did come across a good tip: run cheap spirit through a water filter (you know, the type that sits in your fridge) to take the impurities out and make it more drinkable.

Unfortunately, I am not currently in a position to try this advice but if anyone else has the opportunity, I would love to hear whether it works. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

We've got a water filter. Bring plenty of cheap and nasty spirits when you come over next weekend and we'll test it out!

Anonymous said...

I brought some 'Vodkat' a while ago, thinking it was just normal vodka, I had a rather dull night, while everyone else was legless! On the plus side I did wake up feeling great!

On a similar note, I was out the other night with my sister, having cocktails, we decided on a cocktail called the 'Dietrich'(named after Marlene) to the amusement of the barman (and everyone else who was in earshot)I asked for 'Two diet rich cocktails, please' what can I say! I thought they were healthy cocktails because they have fruit puree in them!

Anonymous said...

their whiskey used to be called 'Clan McMorrison'