Neighbourhood Swim Centre

Spotted this on the Argos website (click the image for a larger version):

It's not a paddling pool, it's a "Neighbourhood Swim Centre". But bearing in mind that it's only 60cm deep, I have to wonder how much swimming a neighbourhood could actually do in it.


Anonymous said...

Well seeing as Forest Hill pool has been closed over a year and now Ladywell Leisure Centre is shut for "health and safety" reasons perhaps Lewisham Council would consider buying us one each, seeing as they are so totally unable to provide proper swimming pools? ;-)

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Yes, it's a shame about Forest Hill pool - I never had the chance to use it. And it will be more of a shame if and when the building is demolished. Have you heard that the plan is to build housing on the 'pocket park' next door in order to pay for a new pool on the site of the Victorian one?