Here's to the beer!

This being a Friday evening, beer is on the engine room agenda and on the all-too-rare occasions when our esteemed editor takes the team drinking he refers to going for "a couple of scoops".

JD was intrigued enough to research this use of "scoop" and discovered it has an Irish derivation. No surprise there then, as Mrs Editor hails from Erin.

But while this is doubtless a well established phrase, some of our younger charges refer to going for a Britney (from Britney Spears = beers). It's good to see that rhyming slang had not been consigned to history, but we were wondering if anyone out there has their own local phrases for this time honoured pastime.



Roy said...

"A few jars" - obviously, "on the tap", "on the pop".

JD (The Engine Room) said...

I found out that 'scoop' had Irish origins in a quite comprehensive 'dictionary of UK slang' - which I've now linked the blog to. You can find the link under 'Production Desk Tools', in the panel to the right.