Earths every minute vs Suns every year

From a science feature in yesterday's Metro:

The largest known quasar devours the matter equivalent of 600 Earths every minute; the brightest known quasars consume the equivalent of 1,000 Suns every year

Wow, those figures certainly sound impressive. But I have no idea how many Suns every year make up one Earth every minute - or vice versa. So does the largest known quasar consume matter more quickly than the brighest known quasars? I assume so, but without looking up some figures and getting my calculator out, I don't really know.

Excuse the pun, but things like this matter.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Well, since around 1,300,000 Earths fit in a sun... Let's see. Convert the suns in a year to Earths in a minute. 1,300,000 / 525,600 = 520 so 1 Sun a year is 520 Earths a minute, x 1000 = 520,000 Earths a minutes.

So, no. The brightest one consumes 866 times as much matter as the largest one.

Meaning that YES, they should have let us know that.

Anonymous said...

Don't we all see the same thing every time we go into any chain supermarket. Isle after isle of mixed units. As bad as the small print on your credit card bill inserts that change your terms of service every month.

Unknown said...

Over here in Western Australia we have just introduced 'price per unit of weight' labeling in the large supermarket stores. I don't have to stand in the isle doing mental arithmetic anymore.