What's behind the 'G' door?

I was in a North London pub this afternoon when I needed the toilet so I followed the sign upstairs.

The first door I came across had a giant letter 'G' painted on it. 'Ah,' I thought, 'this must be the gents.'

I was just about to open it when I realised that while 'G' almost certainly stood for 'Gentlemen', there was a chance it stood for 'Girls' instead.

So I had to walk down the corridor looking to see what letter was painted on the next door. It was, unsurprisingly, 'L'.

For a brief moment I wondered whether this stood for 'Ladies' or 'Lads', but then I realised I was being even more ridiculous than usual, so I retraced my steps and opened the first door.

I did feel a bit like I was on a gameshow.

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M.H. Forsyth said...

In another North London pub, the Roebuck in South End Green, one door is marked LADS in a very swirly-whirly type that often confuses the tipsier ladies. I have been surprised in there several times (not nearly as surprised as them, though).