A pint and a half, or a pint in a half

I was in a busy pub in central London last night and went up to the bar to buy a couple of drinks.

"A pint and a half of Coors*, please," I said to the barman.

He went off to start pouring the drinks and then came back to ask me: "Was that a pint and a half, or a pint in a half?"

A pint in a half? A half in a pint (glass), possibly, but not the other way round. I would have liked to see him try, though.

*Just to clarify - I don't normally drink this watery, bland lager.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the barman was a fan of the popular 90's BBC comedy "Bottom"....

Richie: I'll have a half of mild in a pint glass please barman

Eddie: I'll have a pint of mild in a half pint glass

Luke Woolliscroft said...

Neil -- you took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Probably my favourite program of all time!!

-- said...

Richard Richard is a God amongst men. His pronunciation of 'Hammersmith' and his pioneering of inter-word expletives ('abso-f***ing-lutely') continue to delight me.