Nissan NV200: guess what 'NV' stands for

Nissan NV200 concept vanNissan's new van is called the NV200. One of our news editors pointed out to me that the 'NV' part of the name stands for, er, 'new van'. Brilliant, huh?

I suppose it could equally stand for 'Nissan van' or even 'Nissan vehicle'.

In Nissan's defence, it would appear that 'NV200' was the codename the manufacturer gave to the van when it was still a concept vehicle. That's the thing with names – sometimes they stick when you don't mean them to.

(Picture courtesy of 'Nissan to create new segment with NV200')

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used digger derricks said...

Good name denoted to the Nissan vans...after all they may become neighbors envy and owners pride.