Scion of Cerberus

JD just asked me for my view on this sentence, from our micturating correspondent:

Of course Chrysler is now a scion of Cerberus as opposed to a stain on Stuttgart's P&Ls

By dint of some determined research he managed to translate it, but as a fine example of sub-baffling copy I felt it deserved preservation.

And, tomorrow being my last day in the engine room we share, I feel it is only right to embarrass JD by mentioning that I couldn't have asked for a finer colleague with whom to end my days at the coalface. He's invited me to keep blogging, which I hope to do from my seaside hideaway at Whitecliff Bay on the Isle of Wight (look it up on line, overseas chums; it's ever so pretty).

And JD – remember our motto: eschew solecisms!

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