Headline: Diligent Bankers' present in Budapest

One of the news stories on our intranet has a highly ambiguous headline:

Diligent Bankers' present in Budapest

Before you read on, I invite you to guess the main thrust of the story using only the headline as guidance. If it helps (which it doesn't), the headline was accompanied by a picture of a smiling woman.

Ready? OK, here are my own wrong guesses and then the correct answer:

At first I thought the headline might be referring to a gift given to or by a group of bankers. But why are they diligent? And why do they deserve a capped-up 'B'? Perhaps there is an organisation called 'Diligent Bankers'...

My second interpretation was that the same group of bankers (or organisation) is simply present in Budapest, for some unknown reason. And of course, that would fail to explain the apostrophe.

Only upon reading the story did I learn that the headline referred to a presentation given in Budapest by employees of a banking publication – the title of which could, at a push, be shortened to Bankers'. Why were these non-bankers diligent? Because their presentation was on due diligence, of course.

Anyone guess that?!


Anonymous said...

I guessed that a group of diligent bankers gave a presentation in Budapest. I didn't think about the capital B though...I guess that's why I don't work in publishing!

Anonymous said...

I got the "preSENT" (give a presentation) part, but I kept trying to make "Diligent Bankers" be a company (you Brits, w/ your weird usage of English, JUSTKIDDING!).

I think I was trying to ignore the apostrophe, or to make "preSENT" be a headline/Brit nouning.

Headlines are really tricky; sometimes I want to clonk designers on the head for forcing us to try to say something intelligent in SUCH A SMALL SPACE!

The Ridger, FCD said...

I figured Diligent Bankers was a group of some kind, and then figured that they had a present in Budapest - and that probably this use of present was sarcastic, and that the whole thing referred to some financial scandal I hadn't heard of, since it probably dealt with Hungary and the UK...