End of an error – or, goodbye Apus

So it is Apus' last day in the engine room – although not here in our online Engine Room – and we have completed the ceremonial handing over of the OED and the ceremonial eating of the doughnuts.

As Apus said yesterday, he will keep blogging from his island retreat on what I hope will be a regular basis. The blog was originally Apus' idea, which I hijacked, and it wouldn't be the same without him.

However we are gaining two new recruits to the desk, the first of whom has already joined us, and I am hopeful that one or both of them might contribute to the blog as well. One of our designers has even threatened to write something, so watch this space.

I'd also like to say that, in the real world, Apus has been the Chief Sub to my Sub, and due to a staff restructure will be the last Chief Sub our publication is likely to have. That seems fitting. It's always good to go out on a high.

Thanks for everything, comrade.

Look carefully, and you might
spot Apus. Lucky bugger.


Anonymous said...

Apus, I wish I had found your blog a bit sooner and that I would have been able to know you better... I can always re-read the archives. Enjoy all that fresh island air and I'm looking forward to your retirment postings.

The Ridger, FCD said...

I second rpmason!

Apus said...

rp and ridger, thanks for those kind words; now I'm living outside the Engine Room it's good to know it remains a link to fellow lovers of the language.