White of the egg

The other day I talked about buzzphrases, and one buzzphrase I've been hearing a lot recently is 'the white of the egg'. If the readers of a print publication, for example, are the yolk, then the additional audience that a web-based publication can interact with are 'the white of the egg'.

Yes, I think it's a horrible analogy too. And haven't these people ever heard of the word 'albumen'? Mind you, I can just imagine some sales manager standing up in a meeting and saying 'we need to attract the albumen' - not sure it would convey much meaning...


Anonymous said...

The buzz phrases that I particularly dislike are

'Going forward' and 'moving forward'

They really bother me! I don't see what is wrong with 'In the future'

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Ooh I just had one of those 'moving forward' things in some copy: "This policy is to protect the growth of Manchester moving forward" - not only is it ugly but the sentence works just as well without it. Yuck!