Two TV bloopers

During yesterday's ITV coverage of the Liverpool vs Chelsea Champions League match, one of the commentators came out with the following phrase:

15 minutes of all-out attack would put the icing on the game

This isn't even a proper mixed metaphor! And afterwards, an ITV newsreader using an autocue referred to:

survivors and relatives of the July 7 attacks

Not wanting to make light of anyone's suffering, but how is it possible to be a relative of a terrorist attack? "I am the second cousin of September 11..."

Yes, I am having a quiet week and watching a lot of TV.

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Anonymous said...

you're going to need a medium larger than the vastness of the internet if you want to cover all the nonsense spoken by sports commentators. i refer you to Sid Waddell, the genius who came up with "he's not A-donis, he's THE-donis" (about a darts player!) and "i've got just one word to describe that: magic darts"