A library by any other name: Idea Store

Gareth has sent this email into the Engine Room:

Underneath our office building is the recently-opened Canary Wharf library. However, some marketing whizz-kid somewhere has decided that the word "library" is somehow off-putting and old-fashioned, so it's not called a library. It's an "Idea Store", complete with a vile, lime-green logo, and snazzy corporate uniforms for the poor sods that have to work there.

The only problem this then leaves is that people don't actually know that this new building is in fact a library. So after the first few weeks, when the place was almost completely empty apart from the odd person who wandered in looking for a cappuccino, they adjusted the logo so that it now tells you what it's actually for. Well, almost. It now reads "IDEA STORE" and underneath that, "Library Learning Information".

I'm quite impressed that they have developed a sentient library that's capable of assimilating information all on its own. Beware, for one day the libraries shall inherit the earth. (Although I for one welcome our new literary overlords.)