Tastes in your mouth will last beyond your journey

Turkish Airlines menuWhen I went on holiday to Turkey earlier this year, I flew with Turkish Airlines.

The in-flight meal was good, and I was pleasantly surprised (as I was flying economy) to be offered a choice of dishes, but the catering company did need to work on the wording of its menu. I'm thinking especially of this bit:

"We hope that tastes in your mouth will last beyond your journey."

Not really what I'm looking for from airline food - or any food, for that matter...


Fran Hill said...

Hey, don't knock it. If someone could do that for me with chocolate, I'd be very, very happy.

Faldone said...

Our local newspaper used to have a column by a disabled person that addressed various issues of importance to the disabled. At one time she referred to the greater disabled community as 'the severely euphemized.'