'Indicative of fecal contamination'

Have a look at this (particularly unpleasant) headline and standfirst, and then have a look at the full story on WESH.com.

Human waste found in soda fountains

First, the headline: "Human waste found in soda fountains". Well, the body copy says the fountains "contained coliform bacteria, which is a group indicative of fecal contamination". But it doesn't say anything about actual human waste being found.

And then the standfirst: "Virginia researchers find 70 percent of drinks contaminated". The body copy says "nearly half of all beverages" contained the bacteria - so where does this figure of 70% fit in?

Incidentally, the story refers to "a study" carried out by "experts" and "researchers", and also indirectly quotes "microbiologists". Names and details, please!


Neil said...

I've read something where coliforms are found on almost all toothbrushes too. Because flushing the toilet aerosolises (is that a word?) water droplets containing poo bacteria which settle on toothbrushes (and other surfaces).

I now store my brush elsewhere!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Lovely. Thanks, Neil!

Neil said...

Keep your toothbrush out of the bathroom kids!!

Anonymous said...

Neil, have you got OCD?