Black text on dark grey

STA Travel is a great company, but I'm not sure about the colours it is using in its email newsletter (click on the image for a larger version):

STA Travel newsletter
Red text on dark grey? Maybe. Black text on dark grey? I can't read that at all.

(To be fair, when I forwarded the newsletter on to one of my other email accounts the black text showed up there as white. It's a mystery to me.)


Camilla said...

Hey JD,

Camilla here from STA travelbuzz. I just wanted to get in touch to see what mail client and browser you're using so STA Travel can test it out for themselves? The newsletter is such a good read we don't want people squinting each time ;)

Thanks in advance!


JD (The Engine Room) said...

Hi, Camilla - thanks for getting in touch.

I was using the web-based mail client in Firefox. I've just checked for you in Internet Explorer and it's the same problem, I'm afraid.

On the plus side, the newsletter displays fine for me in Google Mail.

Camilla said...

Thanks for the quick reply JD. I have passed it on to STA Travel.

Happy New Year!