Old story about tea is one of BBC's 'most popular'

Here's the BBC News website's 'most popular stories now' widget from the start of the week:

BBC News Most Popular Stories Now widget
What's interesting is that story eight, "Tea 'healthier' drink than water", actually dates from August 2006:

BBC News article on the health benefits of tea

For it to resurface as one of the Beeb's most popular stories three years after it was written shows the longevity that web content can have.

The story has been flying around on Twitter quite a lot recently, so I wonder if the micro-blogging site is responsible?


Blue said...

So it doesn't mean that tea is still healthier nearly 3 years later?

Clare said...

I saw that, and wondered if it was in response to all the advice that in the heat we should be drinking water as opposed to (hot) tea.

Gareth said...

There are a few stories that regularly reappear on the BBC news ticker, years after their first showing. "Sudan man forced to marry goat" is a personal favourite, along with its sad follow-up "Sudan goat has passed away" (or words to that effect). There's also one about Indian men needing extra-small condoms that pops up from time to time. They must do the rounds via email, or sites like Twitter as you say.