The future is not guaranteed

Today was quite a big day for me: my last press day, at least for the foreseeable. After working on a weekly magazine for 180 issues or so, I'm about to start a new role as web production editor.

For the past six months my time has been fairly evenly divided between print and web, so it will be good to focus on just one of them for a change. But I'll no longer be a sub, and I'll no longer be subbing much copy, so should I still be running a subbing blog?

Perhaps it's time for The Engine Room to change its focus a little. Or perhaps it's time for me to start a new blog, where my posts about interactive maps, feed management and search engines will fit in better. I'd love to know what you think. Especially you, Apus, if you're reading this!


Maite P. said...

I’m a follower of this blog. Although not a native speaker of English, I really enjoy reading its posts and learning about the usage of some words and expressions. I find your contributions instructive and entertaining alike. They often show real examples of ambiguous syntactic and pragmatic instances or make us reflect on some lexical matter in a readable and pleasant way.

I hope you decide to keep The Engine Room alive (open to new topics, why not?, but still focused on language)

Luck with your new job and thanks for sharing your linguistic finds.

Gloom Raider said...

I agree with the commenter above. If my life outside the office is any indication, you're likely to find grammar and spelling foibles to write about regardless of what you do.

...which is rather depressing, now that I consider it!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Thanks for your comments. So I'll probably keep blogging here for the time being and see how things go - I'm still interested in language even if I'm no longer a sub. And I'm sure I'll find enough to write about...