So how do Mars rovers celebrate?

According to a recent BBC News story:

The US space agency's (Nasa) Mars rovers are celebrating a remarkable five years on the Red Planet.

That leads me to wonder how exactly the Mars rovers are "celebrating". Spinning around gleefully? Moving their robotic arms up and down in jubilation? Or perhaps they are observing the anniversary in a more restrained fashion. Who knows?

While I'm on the theme of celebration, I'd like to mention that The Engine Room is, today, Fuelmyblog's blog of the day. And look, we've been sent a little badge:


Blue said...

I'd like to point out that technically the acronym for the US space agency should be in all caps: NASA. It's a government agency and, as such, is always printed in all caps. Like FBI and CIA.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

It doesn't seem to be the BBC's style to do so. I imagine this is because NASA is pronounced as a word (unlike FBI and CIA).