News from the island: 3

It's all happening on South Island – witness these gobsmackers from the local rag which, as usual, takes an obsessive interest in the doings of the boys in the brass helmets:

Smoke alarm
Firefighers were called to an address in Binstead after a resident smelled smoke in her property last Saturday night. Three fire engines were sent to Hillrise Avenue at 11.41pm. The cause of the smoke was burnt food in a neighbouring property.

Woman freed in lift drama
Firefighters were called to free a woman stuck in a lift last Saturday morning. The woman, in her 20s and a member of staff at the Eden House residential home in Totland, raised the alarm at 8.45am after the lift developed a fault. She was freed about 20 minutes later.

Car reported stuck in water
Firefighters were called to free a car stuck in water in Spring Lane, Carisbrooke on Tuesday afternoon. When the crews arrived, the car had gone.

Restaurant escapes
Firefighters were called to the Village Taverna in Albert Street, Sandown at 9am last Saturday after a resident spotted a burst water main. The crew prevented a possible flood into the restaurant by turning off the stopcock.

Esplanade bins replaced
Defective* litter bins installed along the Esplanade and near St Agnes's Church, Freshwater Bay last year have been replaced by new ones.

* No, I don't have any idea what would make a bin 'defective'.


JD (The Engine Room) said...

Perhaps a defective bin is one with a hole in the bottom. Or perhaps, no hole in the top (although if it had both, you could just turn it upside down and it would no longer be defective).

Anonymous said...

Hello and good day,

I think that firefighters have a very interesting job as you can see in the different headlines at the top!
Furthermore I can imagine that it is not always easy, if you work on an island with such a beautiful view!

Thank you!