Friday roundup: Damp Squid and Adam Smith

Damp Squid: the English language laid bare, by Jeremy ButterfieldSpotted this week:


1. A widely reported story on the 10 most irritating expressions in English. It's another book tie-in, the book in question being Damp Squid (pictured) by Jeremy Butterfield.

There's a related quick quiz on the OUP blog and it's also worth checking out the Underwire coverage (thanks, Harry) simply for all the comments.


2. An even more widely reported story concerning Adam Smith, a reporter for the Birmingham Mail (that's Birmingham in England!). While in Miami, Smith got drunk celebrating Barack Obama's election victory and was filmed:
  • jokingly admitting to cutting and pasting from the BBC website – while filing copy
  • swearing at the camera
  • resigning from his job to set up his own magazine
  • referring to himself as 'Steve Zacharanda' (I'm not sure why... he may have had a reason)
We've all had nights like that.

UPDATE 18:30 - Yes, I know it's not a Friday. But it certainly feels like one...


Daddy Papersurfer said...

At the end of the day I shall add you to my feed reader - that's a 110% promise.

tobyc said...

Jokenly? Really, JD!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

I did say it felt like a Friday! And I'm not joken.