Alphabet fun with MAN

In the course of my job this week I found out that German truck manufacturer MAN offers 'driver behaviour analysis' in which it rates HGV drivers from A (the best) to G (the worst). Not so interesting, perhaps. But I'm tickled by what the ratings stand for:

A – absolute stars
B – benchmark performers
C – competent and could do better
D – development required
E – economically and environmentally expensive
F – frightening
G – goodbye!

Obviously someone at MAN likes playing with language. And is it GCSEs or A-levels that have a grade of 'N' for 'nearly a pass'?


Anonymous said...

It's A-levels.

So MAN do their ratings in English then?

Anonymous said...

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JD (The Engine Room) said...

Sarah - it appears so. Or perhaps MAN also has a similar rating system but in German for German drivers. Anyone out there know?

Roy said...

How can a truck driver be worse than "frightening"?