In which JD's mum mishears him

While I was away last week, I happened to phone my mum for a chat.

During the course of the conversation my mum asked me when I would be getting back to my flat on the Sunday. "Not too late," I replied, "because my bus is at two."

"You've busted a tooth! How did you manage that?" was her worried reply.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. Old people. Bless.

Apus said...

ummm... speaking as an old(ish) person I feel the need to confess that some months ago my missus, when asked if she was hungry, said it was too early to eat and I misheard it as twirlytweet and now we regularly say twirlytweet to each other coz we think it's cute. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, old people are often known as "twirlies" thanks to their habit of lining up at bus stops at 9:30 in the morning (the earliest point at which their free bus pass can be used) and flagging down the bus to ask the driver "Is it twirly?"