Friday roundup: LexioPhiles and

A few things in this week's roundup:

According to LexioPhiles, the Engine Room is the 118th best language blog out there. Unfortunately we didn't manage to break into the top 100, but it's nice to see some of my favourite blogs doing so, including:

However, apart from The Engine Room, there aren't many blogs by copy editors or sub editors in the LexioPhiles list. Scandalously, no Mighty Red Pen or Editrix!


I don't know if this is anyone's bag, but I quite like the SEO analysis tool And no, I'm not being paid to say that.


Another find I'm pleased with this week is, which aggregates feeds from dozens of journalism blogs (or perhaps it is more accurate to say blogs by journalists). The Engine Room is, happily, one of those blogs.

It might be good to do ('put together'?) an aggregation of sub editing (copy editing) blogs. What do you reckon? On second thoughts, I'm not sure I have the technical nouse – or the time. An idea for someone else to pick up, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! You're right--there's a definite dearth of copyediting blogs on the list, although the excellent Language Is the People's (, by a former copyeditor turned proofreader, is ranked #112.

Not anywhere on the list, but well worth reading regularly: Blogslot, by Washington Post copyeditor Bill Walsh (who has also written a couple of terrific books on usage; and You Don't Say, by Baltimore Sun assistant managing editor for the copy desk John McIntyre (

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks kindly for that, JD, and congrats to you, Fritinancy and others who made the list. Ditto for the folks Fritinancy mentioned, and I was also surprised not to see the Society for Promotion of Good Grammar on the list. Who are these Lexiophiles anyway?!

TootsNYC said...

that list looks as though it's much more tuned toward multiple/foreign languages, not so much toward the intricacies of English.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Fritinancy: Ah, I didn't see that Language is the People's had beaten us by six places! It is a good blog though.

Toots: Yes, you're right. Perhaps LexioPhiles should come up with two lists?

I've emailed the site to suggest the inclusion of MRP and Editrix, among others. Haven't heard anything back yet.

And blog 91 in the list has been deleted. I want to go up to 117!

No, I'm not competitive at all...