Friday roundup: Batman, Goofy, TYWKIWDBI

Firstly, I should explain that I didn't post yesterday because I was on a 'Writing for the Web' refresher course all day (and then went to see the new Batman film in the evening). I took notes on the course and should have them up on this blog within the next couple of days.


Secondly, are you having trouble viewing the comments in the 'Recent comments' widget on this blog? The comments should appear in the sidebar on the right but I have a sneaking suspicion that some firewalls prevent them showing. Could you let me know? And apologies if they aren't working for you.


Thirdly, I meant to mention this in last week's Friday roundup but simply ran out of time - I've added Goofy's blog bradshaw of the future to the 'lingy/langy blogs' section of the blogroll. You may have noticed Goofy expressing some strong opinions here on The Engine Room (most recently concerning the use of less and fewer) but don't let that put you off as his blog is informative without being too strident.


Finally, Chris Frumplington has drawn my attention to a blog called TYWKIWDBI, or Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Blog It. Yes, you're right - it should be 'Them' not 'It'.

Chris says:
As ever, one should always be careful when choosing blog names. I wonder if TYWKIWDBT is still available. Must go see...


Anonymous said...

I can't see the comments list from my work PC.

Gloom Raider said...

I can see them at work on my (not overly firewalled)Mac...

TootsNYC said...

Web' refresher course all day (and then went to see the new Batman film in the evening). I took notes on the course

but you didn't take notes on the Batman film?

What was that Ron Weasley said? "She needs to sort out her priorities!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe Chris' blog could be 'Stuff You Wouldn't Know...' An enjoyable read; I'll be back, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Comments work fine on my home PC using Firefox 3, but not on my work PC using Internet Exporer 6. They used to work fine until a few weeks ago, though, so I don't think it's necessarily a firewall issue.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

I changed the widget a few weeks ago for an identical-looking one because it was being unreliable, so it must be something to do with the new widget. It works fine on IE6 on a PC for me, so I am fairly confident that its non-appearance is a result of people's firewalls not liking the external javascript.

I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about (when actually I don't).

Minnesotastan said...

I am the blogger responsible for TYWKIWDBI. I explained the acronym in my first post (December 2007) as follows - "I should begin with a word of acknowledgement regarding the blog title. In the 1970s the president of Bluegrass Mensa, Jackson Lackey, published a newletter entitled TYWKIWDTY (Things You Wouldn't Know If We Didn't Tell You); I've simply changed the last two words*, but the purpose remains the same - to compile for the amusement of my friends an eclectic collection of gleanings from the internet, from my readings, and from my files."

The asterix led to a footnote which read - *and yes, I do know that it should be "blog them" to match "things", rather than "blog it", but for the sake of being able to pronounce the acronym, I'll leave it as is.

Hope you are otherwise enjoying the blog.