Project Platypus and Project Prometheus

Last week I wrote about Platypus, a new web platform that we've been promised at work. Now it turns out that Platypus isn't the name of the web platform itself, but the project that is putting the platform into place. That's right: Project Platypus. Well, I think it's cute.

One of the other projects we have going on here is Project Prometheus. I don't know anything about this project other than the name, but I have my concerns. After all, as our web editor pointed out to me, the mythical figure of Prometheus ended up being chained to a rock and having his liver eaten daily by an eagle (or a vulture, in some versions).

Good omen? I think not.

I couldn't find a nice copyright-free
representation of Prometheus, so here
is a vulture instead


TootsNYC said...

aw, rats--does this mean you probably won't get to use the term "platypus" repeated for the next several years? Once the project is over, the need for speaking its name will go away, right?

(and isn't "moniker" a cool word?)

TootsNYC said...

Oh, and I think people just like the sound of the word "Prometheus."

And the think about the people he helped, and stop thinking about HIM, once he got done delivering the fire.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Yes, but I do like the alliteration of Project Platypus and (especially) Project Prometheus...