Friday roundup: cow poison and The Proclaimers

My adventures with photo-sharing website Flickr are continuing – I've now joined GrammarBlog's Grammar Bloopers group and even added a couple of my pictures to it. If you like "photos of spelling errors, apostrophe abuse, dangling modifiers and malapropisms", I recommend you check out the group.

To be honest, signs with misplaced or missing apostrophes are 10 a penny where I live in south London, so photos of these don't float my boat, but I do like snaps like this:

A bottle of cleaning liquid that's "useful for" poisoning cows and pigs. Brilliant.


I'm also really enjoying the GraphJam website, "song chart memes and pop culture explained in graph form". It must appeal to my stat-crazy brain. Here, for any Proclaimers fans, is the sort of thing it offers:

song chart memes
More graph humour and song chart memes


Gez said...

You're right about apostrophe errors; they are bread and butter now. I'm hankering after a really good malapropism on a nice big sign.

I love all that.

The Ridger, FCD said...

Ah... I heard the Proclaimers (well, to know who they were, not on a soundtrack) on BBC America - the Graham Norton show - not too long ago. With finally a name to put to the sound I was able to buy an album. I love them! And that particular song is just ... so simple and so right. Thanks for putting it in my head! (Oddly - or perhaps not - that's the song they sang on Graham...)