Individually handmade

PizzaExpress At Home pizzas are individually handmade
Pizza Express (sorry, I mean PizzaExpress) claims its pizzas are "individually handmade".

This has got me thinking: is 'individually handmade' different to just 'handmade'?

Well, yes: I suppose it is possible to make pizzas by hand but in batches.

While I'm not surprised that pizzas in PizzaExpress restaurants are made both individually and by hand, I find it harder to believe that PE's 'at home' pizzas are prepared in the same way. What, no batch operations at all? That's quite something.

PS. I know I've written a lot of food-related posts recently. Normal service will be resumed in the new year...


Anonymous said...

There's something about food that invites meaningless but positive-sounding descriptions. One that really bugged me was "genuine mashed potatoes". As opposed to mashed potatoes made out of plastic, I suppose.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Oh, that's a good one. Perhaps potatoes prepared in other ways have been masquerading as mashed - creamed and crushed spring to mind.