Gender stereotyping on the Daily Mail website

So this New Year's Eve we're staying in and cooking some nice Moroccan dishes (rock and roll, huh).

My girlfriend had been looking for a recipe for Moroccan fishcakes and found a promising-looking one on the Daily Mail website.

She noted with disdain, however, that the recipe was located in the 'Femail' part of the site - which is coloured a nice pinky-purple - "because obviously cooking is women's work".

Food and drink section of Daily Mail website


Brian said...

From what I know about the British papers, this doesn't sound too surprising for the Mail. Perhaps they could take it further, and put things like highlight the Find a Job page in blue. You know, so the women can stay home and make more Moroccan food.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail is allowing Moroccan food into the country? Sounds unlikely.

nn said...

I wish that I could stay at home and prepare a different dish every day!

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Me too - it's a rare occurrence at the moment. But the Moroccan fishcakes turned out well (even if they didn't look quite look the photo on the Daily Mail site).

mighty red pen said...

Ugh, and isn't "Femail" just an annoying construction?

Makes me think of one the peeves I have with the website for the Boston Globe ( which calls its parenting page "BoMoms" even though the information is for moms AND dads.

BTW: Happy new year!