Terrace house or terraced house?

A couple of style questions for you today:

Terrace house (as seen in today's London Lite) or terraced house?

Teenage employee (as seen in raw copy) or teenaged employee?


Vincent said...

terraced and teenage

Gareth said...

Agreed, terraced and teenage. No idea why, though.

The Ridger, FCD said...

I'd say "terrace house" unless the house is not ON a terrace but actually terraced itself.

I think either "teenage" or "teenaged" is fine, with a lean to the former; this is losing its D the way ice(d) cream and tea have but iced coffee hasn't yet.

Chris said...

Terrace/terraced is tricky, and I think both are acceptable. To me, terrace implies the row of houses, terraced describes the nature of the house or houses on the row.

Inclined to go with teenage, but teenaged is OK.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Nearly forgot to say: I would definitely plump for 'terraced' over 'terrace', but I'm still not sure about 'teenage' and 'teenaged'. Probably the former.

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