BERR - with a comma or without?

Here in the UK we have a government department called BERR. Its full title is either the 'Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform' (with comma) or the 'Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform' (without comma), only I'm not sure which.

In its logo, BERR plumps for 'Business Enterprise' rather than 'Business, Enterprise':

BERR logo, without comma in name
(Granted, this may be simply to avoid having an ungainly comma at the end of a line.)

But in some places on BERR's website, as well as in its Google listing, you'll find the 'Business, Enterprise' version instead:

BERR Google listing, with comma in name
It comes to something when government departments can't even write their own name consistently. At least BERR seems consistent in its use of the ampersand (although I'm sure someone out there can prove otherwise).

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