Photo special: '20p per unit'

Spotted this in a hotel room recently (the Cathedral Gate Hotel in Canterbury, if I recall correctly):

Photo of phone taken in Cathedral Gate Hotel, Canterbury
The note on the phone reads '20p per unit' - but what does a unit get you? There's no indication, so the information that a unit costs 20p is entirely unhelpful.

Or is there such a thing as a widely known, standard 'telephone unit'?


The Ridger, FCD said...

Isn't it three minutes?

Apus said...

It might well be on a Telecom bill, Ridger, but hotels charge what they like so I'd agree that 'unit' is meaningless. Judging by bitter experience I'd bet you wouldn't get more than a minute for 20p, and probably less.

On the same theme, one of the supermarkets is advertising an allegedly bargain price of £5 for a "platter" of party food. And in this case not only don't they say how big the platter is, they're pretty vague about what's on it.

"I'd like a nice dish of caveat emptor, please."