Christmas in the office

It's a strange experience being in the office just a few days before Christmas, as we use the same workflow but have only a skeleton staff. That means everyone has to wear more than one hat, as the metaphor goes.

For example: a writer writes a story for our website, then sends it to me for subbing. I sub the story in one program, then send it to... myself, for classification in another program. I classify the story, then send it to... myself, for final approval before it goes live. And then, should it need pulling or updating, that's done by... me.

With no content editor, no web editor and no digital assistant (great job title, huh?) to contend with, everything runs that much more smoothly – but then, I have fewer people to share the blame with when it all (inevitably) goes wrong. Still, after today I'm not back in until New Year's Eve.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've always found it useful to talk to myself .... it definitely makes life easier ..... happy holidays

Apus said...

Funny thing, JD – all the people who insist on checking content are happy to trust the subs when they want to go home early for the hols... well that's how it worked for the 22 years I spent in the engine room, And Mr Papersurfer, most of my best conversations are with myself! Happy holidays to you too.

Vocabulary Game Builder said...

I work in a smallish company on the other side of the pond. I really like the idea of having a writer, content editor, web editor, classer, and a digital assistant. Right now, we basically have three categories: coder, writer, and artist.

But, then, if you look at our writing, you'll see that it reflects limited resources. Our language games however aren't bad. And we do double-check our sentences (after the first few hundred slipped through with errors).