Names: Crook and Fear, Tinkler and Fidler

A while back I came across a news story in which a courier firm employed a transport manager called John Crook and then ended up being called before the authorities for various offences.

It gets better: the company was defended by a solicitor called Jeremy Fear.

Kent courier disqualified for hours offences

And from the same site, here's a story in which a haulage firm chief executive called Andrew Tinkler meets a government official called Stephen Fidler.

Tinkler pushes ahead with LHV prototype trial

Little things like these help me get through the day...


Anonymous said...

There's a solicitor's practice in Leamington Spa called Wright Hassall.

Roy said...

Some years ago there used to be a motoring correspondent for one of the national papers whose name was Laurie Manifold. I actually met him and it was his real name.