Homophones: Lance Armstrong is a peddling miracle

I spotted this in a London Lite article on Tuesday entitled 'The TEN coolest books all men should read':

Cutting from London Lite article on books for men
So not only is he a brilliant cyclist but Lance Armstrong also finds time to walk around selling stuff. (UPDATE: possibly drugs; I don't know.)

(In case you can't see the image, the text reads: "You should know the story: brilliant but flawed professional cyclist falls victim to cancer, almost dies, miraculously recovers and wins the Tour de France SEVEN times. Armstrong is a walking, peddling miracle.")


Anonymous said...

A copy editor just asked me today for a synonym for peddler and (jokingly) I said cyclist.

I sometimes avoid using words that are homophones completely, even if I know I'm using them correctly, just to avoid possibly confusing other people.

Anonymous said...

A similar mistake was made by a writer for Yahoo!: