Friday roundup: The Engine Room is 500

I think it's time we had another Friday roundup, seeing as we've just passed the 500-post mark here on The Engine Room. How many hours of my life...

In celebration, here are our five most popular posts, this time brought to you by FeedBurner's aggregate item use analysis:
  1. Photo special: toilets & disabled toilet
  2. Friday roundup: odd book titles, scary comments
  3. Headlines: celery eating paramedic
  4. Eagle-eared listeners – and BraveStarr
  5. Word of the day: Bankenstein
The fact they're all relatively recent posts is a good sign, I suppose.

On to other matters. One blog I've been meaning to plug for a while is The virtual linguist. The linguist behind it is a regular blogger and obviously passionate about language. But she doesn't have BraveStarr videos or photos of pub toilet doors on her blog – so I guess we win. I'll add her blog to our blogroll as a consolation prize.

Another linguist more knowledgeable than I is Garik; you may have noticed some of his insightful comments here on The Engine Room. He's a thoroughly nice chap to boot, so do check out Garik's blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear JD. Thank you for your kind comments. Just a point re the term 'disabled toilet'. I have noticed that a lot of councils are changing their signs from 'disabled toilet', 'disabled parking bay' etc. See the Open University's advice to staff on terminology here:

PS the reason I've no videos or photos on my site is that I don't know how to do them!