Who nose who'll win?

An Engine Room regular has e-mailed in the following prime piece of garbled English, taken from Mark Lawrenson's football predictions on the BBC Sport website:

Chelsea v Everton

There will be probably be all sorts of players missing in the Chelsea line-up, as they will have more than one eye on the FA Cup final.

Everton's place in the Uefa Cup is safe, and I can see Chelsea just nosing home in this one.

In summary: Chelsea has more than one eye (both eyes?) on the FA Cup final, but will still, erm, nose home.

It looks like Paul was right when he commented that we're "going to need a medium larger than the vastness of the internet to cover all the nonsense spoken by sports commentators..."


Gingerous Humerous Maximus said...

If you want to see constant misuse of the english language then sport articles are an excellent source... either that or just read my comments as I am sure I will make copious amounts of mistakes!

Anonymous said...

I think your use of language is very good Ging, football, beer, football, beer...