1 double bed or 2 double beds or 2 twin beds

So I've managed to book my summer holiday:

Unclear holiday booking screengrab
Yes, that's "1 double bed or 2 double beds or 2 twin beds". And "City view and/or Courtyard view and/or Garden view".

I definitely get a clock radio, though.


Words Between the Spaces said...

Less than 14 quid a night? That's worth the clock radio alone. Where's the holiday?
I'm stuck in Washington, DC, with Snowmageddon II bearing down on the region. Anywhere other than here sound great right about now.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Unfortunately it was an *additional* £14 a night for this set of options. The basic set was more along the lines of "1 single bed or 1 sofa bed or 1 floor" and "courtyard view or corridor view or wall view".

Try to enjoy the snow!

Bed Linens said...

I prefer two double beds.