Word of the day: microperfed

The notebook I use at work is "microperfed", which I assume means it has tiny perforations.

To my surprise, the word throws up a respectable 25,400 results on Google (and that's not including variations such as "micro-perfed").

It's not only paper that can be microperfed - plastic bags and shoes are also microperfable. And, er, shapes.

I've just checked again and my notebook is actually a "jotta". That's the description, not the product name...

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Stan Carey said...

Interesting niche term. It's a new word to me, and, it seems, to the OED and the British National Corpus, neither of which mentions it. When my eyes first passed over it, I read it as "microper-fed", perhaps because I had just fed myself or because I read it half-backwards.