CAPTCHA a Gimpier Clive

So I was registering with the Eggcorn Forum so I could tell everyone there about Dina's brown flakes when I was given this great CAPTCHA:

CAPTCHA gimpier clive

Just who is the mysterious 'gimpier Clive' (or rather, 'gimpier CLIVE'), and who is he gimpier than?

According to Wikipedia
, one of Yahoo's early CAPTCHA programs was called EZ-Gimpy. I'd really like to know the connection between gimpiness and CAPTCHA...


Stan said...

When I read "gimpier CLIVE" I assumed it meant that Clive was even gimpier than before. Poor Clive.

CAPTCHAs can be an unexpectedly rich source of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those two-purpose reCAPTCHAs. The first purpose is to thwart the registration of bots. The second purpose is to aid efforts to convert old books into digital text. Some words software cannot read for various reasons. Humans are needed to clarify the nearly illegible word. This two-purpose CAPTCHA assumes that if a user knows one known word, then the user will likely know the other one. Look up reCAPTCHA on Wikipedia or visit their web site, if you're not familiar with the technology.