AdSense: no sense

This blog, like many others, uses Google's AdSense to provide relevant advertisements (see the two little ads above). However a couple of recent AdSense offerings have stopped me in my tracks.

One was an ad for cheapo British pub chain JD Wetherspoon - presumably AdSense picked up on my name for this one (and possibly my post about pub rowdyism...).

The other questionable advert was for, and I quote, "The Engine Room CD" on – it was news to Apus and me that we have ever released a CD. But it's given me the idea of an 'Engine Room Greatest Hits'. Watch this space.

If you spot any other inappropriate or plain bizarre AdSense adverts, on this blog or others, please let us know...

My other post about AdSense


Luke Woolliscroft said...

I just clicked on the link to your other AdSense post ('The whole tooth') and one of the ads above the post read:

"Dentist In WA
Changing the face of WA one smile at a time. Here for you."

Anonymous said...

While reading your "AdSense: no sense" post, I saw an AdSense link for "Phrases Words." I clicked on it and was taken to Ebay Express where I could purchase the e-book, "10,000 Words & Phrases That Sell Like Crazy + Resell R" for a mere $0.99. What a deal.

Wildfires were near a relative's home a month or so ago. While searching for "fires," I was offered "Fires Online" at (a US store).

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox as my browser with the Adblock Plus extension, which blocks almost all web ads - including the Google ones. For the first time, I'm quite disappointed by this!

Anonymous said...

Saw one today on your "Feeling Tense" item:

English Grammar Tense. Learn To Speak Properly & Write Well.

Wish they could Capitalize Well, too.