Blu-ray: not so clear?

I just saw an advert on the side of a bus for the latest Spiderman film – "available on Blu-ray". Blu-ray, of course, is one of the new optical disc formats (the Playstation 3 is shipped with a Blu-ray drive).

However as the word 'Blu-ray' was capped up and written in an unfortunate choice of font, it looked for all the world like Spiderman 3 was "available on BLU-RRY'. Not really the format to be watching high-definition video on...


Anonymous said...

I know it's cheap to point out errors in a sub-editor's blog post, but the machine you refer to is of course actually a PlayStation 3 - with a capital S.

Don't worry, virtually every news report I've read gets it wrong too.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

And I thought I was being so clever remembering to use a lower-case 'r' in Blu-ray!

Also, Spider-Man is hyphenated (at least in the film titles; don't know about other incarnations).