A pensioner writes

Having been languishing on the Costa Brava (it's a hard life as a pensioner) I missed the Engine Room's anniversary but wanted belatedly to congratulate JD on the way it's developed. While my esteemed colleague let me join him on the blog it's always been his baby and I've really enjoyed catching up on his entries and the comments from our fellow enthusiasts of English as she is writ. Having spent so long in the engine room holding the line against manglers of the mother tongue it's nice to know we're not alone.

Enough with the valedictions already; here's a warning spotted at Gatwick Airport on the way back from Spain: "Dogs must be carried on the moving pavement". Which led Mrs Apus to wonder where we could borrow a pooch apiece because clearly we wouldn't be allowed in without one.

What a carry on...


Andrew Orange said...

Whenever I see the sign "Dogs must be carried on the escalator" I think of the sign "Hard hats must be worn on-site" and wonder which is actually saying what it means. Do enlighten me.

JD (The Engine Room) said...

Apus, is that multiple dogs per person?

And the blog was your idea so I'm not letting you give me all the credit! But thanks.