Orangina: not evil, may stain

The product warning saga continues – recently I was highly amused by a warning on a bottle of orange soft drink Orangina: "If spilt, this product may stain."

Really? Unlike orange juice, or other carbonated soft drinks such as Coke, which don't stain at all...

I wonder what compelled Orangina Schweppes, the current manufacturer of the drink, to place this particular warning on the packaging. Perhaps it is connected with the fact that it also encourages you to "shake the bottle, wake the taste" – surely increasing the likelihood of spillage.

Incidentally, one French TV advert for Orangina had - according to Wikipedia - "a mad chainsaw-wielding killer attacking a family in a car who travelled through a forest." The catchphrase: "But why is he so evil?" "Because!"

You've got to love the French...

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