Headline: Mum left tot in car to booze

Ambiguous headline of the day goes to today's Daily Mirror with:

Mum left tot in car to booze

When I read this I initially thought the tot was left to booze (in the car), when in fact the mum went boozing while the tot was just left.

Nice headline words too: 'tot' and 'booze'. When was the last time you saw the word 'tot' outside a tabloid?

The Mirror's web version of the story


Apus said...

On the subject of UK tabloid headlines, desperate subs occasionally still resort to 'boffin' for scientist, although that other redtop fave, 'toff', does seem to have passed into history. 

Toffs, of course, were the rich/titled classes who made up 'society' in the days before that role was superseded by soccer players, juvenile musicians, reality show contestants and the like. 

Thus a toff would be a celeb, though not necessarily vice versa

Anonymous said...

Best tabloid word is undeniably "romp". Celebrities "romp" all the time, apparently, sometimes even with each other.

I don't think I've ever romped in my life. Have you?

Anonymous said...
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